Remote Counseling Support

Remote Counseling Support

The GMS Counseling Team will be updating this page periodically with various links and positive outlooks for everyone. Please take the time to look over the links and if you know of any helpful resources you can send us an email. 

We will be having links to help parents talk to their children about COVID-19 as well.

The GMS Counseling Team

Christian Cipollone
Lori Gunar
Jessica Ribaudo-Piskuloski
Lisa Porco
Priscilla Suero

During this time it is IMPORTANT to keep a DAILY routine (schedule)

Sample Schedule 
8am-Wake Up- eat breakfast, get dressed
8:30-9am: Complete Block 1 Assignments - contact teacher if necessary
9-9:30am- Complete Block 2 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
9:30-10am-Complete Block 3 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
10-10:30am- Complete Block 4 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
10:30-11am- Complete Block 5 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
11-11:30am- Complete Block 6 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
11:30-12pm- Complete Block 7 Assignments -contact teacher if necessary
12-12:30pm- Go back and finish any work you may not have for a block, contact teacher with any questions
**If one of the blocks is your lunch time, you can review the work you have done so far for the day and finish up if you need to.

12:30pm- EAT LUNCH

After Lunch: if you still have work to finish for the day... take time to do one of the activities below for a half  hour and after go back and complete any unfinished assignments for the day.

Activity Ideas
Get Some Fresh Air
Quiet Time: Read a Book, do a puzzle, take a nap
Creative Time: draw, play music, cook, bake
Free TV Time 

GET REST- Go to BED at a Good Hour
We are still in School, Just Virtual School

Teachers are available from 8:30-12:30pm everyday

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