School Counseling Program

Middle School Counseling Department

The Garfield Middle School's mission of the counseling program strives to eliminate the social, emotional and physical barriers to success that students may experience and is designed to be both preventative and responsive. It promotes equity, access and
success for all students and engages them to pursue academic rigor and resiliency by identifying and addressing barriers allowing students to become lifelong learners. The program has many components including but not limited to one to one interactions, small group activities, large group discussions, class lessons and more. Our counselors advocate to provide a safe environment that inspires a culture of acceptance and cultural sensitivity. Counselors will work with educators, parents or guardians, and the community to facilitate a support system, ensuring that all students attending GMS are prepared to perform at the highest level and become contributing members of society.

The Garfield Middle School Counseling Department is available throughout the day to assist students with a variety of issues, concerns, and requests. The Grade Level School Counselors focus is to promote academic success by working cooperatively with students, parents, teachers, staff and the community. By providing guidance, counseling, inspiration and strategies, it is our belief that all students can achieve their goals and thrive. The SAC/Wellness Counselor attends to non-academic needs of the students. The SAC/Wellness Counselor's primary goal is to support students' social emotional and mental health needs so that they can achieve as much as possible in their academic life.


School Counselors support the students’ right to privacy and protect confidential information received from students, the family, guardians and staff members. Appropriate action is taken if students engage in behavior that presents clear and imminent danger to themselves and others. 

Professional School Counselors are...

  • Advocates for all students, their families and the education

  • Ethical and professional

  • Connections with resources

  • Dedicated to creating a safe learning environment

  • Knowledgeable in areas of prevention and intervention

  • Promoters of equity and open-mindedness

  • Capable of balancing their unique role in the lives of our youth

  • Caring, empathetic listeners

  • Believers in self-change

  • Fun and innovative with techniques to help meet the needs of all students and learning


Why Do Children Need School Counseling?

  • Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.
  • Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior.
  • We know that stress can affect focus and learning but its impact can be reduced with proven self-regulation strategies.
  • Schools, parents and communities that communicate and collaborate provide the most effective support to children.
  • Attitudes are formed during elementary school shape future attitudes towards learning, self and society.

Middle School Counseling Services

  • Listen to students when they are scared, angry, sad, happy or...
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Help students develop social skills
  • Assist children to cope with family changes
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Consultation with teachers and parents/guardians
  • Career Counseling
  • Coordination with outside agencies and therapists
  • Referrals for community services
    and more...

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